Monday, March 7, 2011

Three beauty products that changed my life.

Most girls have particular beauty products they can not live without.  Fortunately, mine are not a $120 Chanel face cream or a $200 botox injection (yet).  Here are my three affordable and life changing beauty products in order of life altering intensity.  
Tigi Rockaholic Hairspray I was introduced to this while observing a primping session before my (now)sister-in -law's bachelorette party in a motel room in Point Pleasant (AKA The Jersey Shore).  As usual, I had showered, put make-up on, threw some clothes on and did absolutely nothing to my hair short of washing it in the shower and combing it when I got out. Melissa, one of the bridesmaids, bless her heart, had this with her and shared the magic potion with me. I said it that night "this is going to change my life" and I'm saying it now: For a girl who's favorite hobby is vanity....this stuff changed my life.  Since then, my naturally thick, red  hair has happily rocked the beach waves look in which I chased for years countless times.  The best part...... it's easy as pie.  I wash my hair every morning and just spray the waves when they are still wet/damp and they maintain shape for most of the day....with the little help of an obessesive maintenance spray every now and then for the first few hours my hair is still drying. It's $16 at my local beauty supply store but I'm looking into cheaper options such as Amazon because I can't live without it.

Two Faced Shadow Insurance. I bought this for $18 one year ago on  I'm just about due for a new one and I use it EVERY DAY.  I put this eye shadow primer on in the morning and let it dry with my eyes closed for about 60 seconds (to prevent creasing). I then apply my eye shadow, let's say at 6:30 am, and it's still intact  when I get home from sweating my ass off at the gym at 8:30pm that night.  My eye shadow would not last past lunch when I was using other equally priced but completely inadequate eye primers.  These  Irish features need make up people. Life changing.
AmorePacific Treatment Enyzme Peel I bought this the same time as the shadow insurance one year ago for $60 and I'm not even half way through it.  This is my exfoliator and I use it once or twice a week.  It's much gentler than more abrasive exfoliants but it brightens up my reflection and cleans out all those pores that I fill up with make-up every day. My pores are clearer than they were a year ago, and I haven't had a facial in about a year and a half.

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