Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fall 2011 Favorites / 5 Things I Learned at NY Fashion Week


Ahh Milly........there is only one word for the first look: Perfection. The styling is amazing; the button details on the high waisted trousers, the blouse with it's ruffles and sheer panel on the belly and of course the spectacular color palette. Swoon!  Why else do I love Milly? Um hello? Do you see what I see? ....Culottes!! These particular beauties are made of cashmere corduroy. Doesn't that sound like the most comfortable and luxurious thing one could wear? I've already begun to imagine how amazing they will could feel.
Rachel Roy

Rachel Roy
Rachel Roy was one of my favorites.  This was a playful collection of textures, layering and coziness.  It felt like it was designed right after a trip to Nepal. I particularly like the braids  atop the models heads....which was seen in several shows and presentations for Fall 2011.
Yigal Azrouel

Herve Leger by Max Azria
Bibhu Mohapatra

Dennis Basso
Four looks from four other shows I saw.  Full maxi skirts were all over the runway...not so sure I'm hopping aboard that train but I say that now.  I could be "swooning" over full floor length skirts this time next year.  Stranger things have happened.  Below are other looks I found worthy of my world famous blog.


Love the oversized blazer. Love the green plaid. My first born to the girl who can pull off this look. 
Vena Cava

Rag & Bone

Erdem  (London Fashion Week)


Michael Kors
5 Things I learned at NY Fashion Week.

1. Style trumps fashionability....but I still love insultingly expensive handbags.
2. Always bring your iPhone charger with you when spending days/nights in don't want to take the wrong subway back to the "wrong" part of Brooklyn and have no way of getting in touch with the friend you are staying with.
3. Not all NYC taxi drivers know their way around the other boroughs...but there are lovely, patient NYC taxi drivers who will use the GPS on their phone to get you where you need to go.
4.Under eye dark circles are BEST concealed by yellow based drug store concealer. Thanks Fran:)
5. I am one blessed and edgy maven. 

Sunday, February 20, 2011

NY Fashion Week Fall 2011 Part 2

The Jeremy Scott Show was at Milk Studio.  There was a tremendously long line to check in but abundant entertainment while waiting.  When I was not surveying the costumes of other show goers, I was checking out the art in the gallery space in which we were waiting so patiently.  The show was over the top with a strong pop art vibe.  I have a sneaking suspicion  more came for the scene than to see Scott's new designs.

Hmmm. I wonder what all the fuss is about?

Kanye! He's pretty cute.
 She's pretty cute too.

The best part of my trip, however, was not fashion related. It involved old friends and a humble French bar/restaurant in the Financial District.  Here we are below.

I love these guys.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

NY Fashion Week Fall 2011 Part 1

 I saw several of these hats on ond off the runway.  

 Above is a prime example of my limited photographic skills but this was one of the best looks I saw.  I love the colors and originality and appreciate the lack of pretention.

Here were the photos that made it all the way home.  Somehow, more than half of the photos I took were deleted. In addition to that disappointment there were also many that were just plain blury.  It's apparent  the next time I go to fashion week, I must bring a camera I actually know how to operate or my lovely husband/photographer.  I hope for both actually.  Anyhow, seeing everyone dressed to impress had me answering the question: Is it better to be fashionable or to have style? I can, without a doubt, say that style trumps fashionability.  There were so many women who were dressed on trend with their sky high heels and super expensive clothes but those who stood out were those who had original style.....and even fewer are those I'll actually remember. However, their were a few gems who stole my heart not with their wardrobe but with their warm, down to earth personalities.  The coolest girl I met was Stacy Jordan....we had a great little conversation and some hearty laughs together.  She's a wardrobe stylist/costume designer and a very wise soul.  You can find her at, where I stole this photo of her.

Another real woman I met was Vevlyn from Below is not the best photograph (due to my lack of photographic skills of course) but  you can still see her style in the suede skirt (which she's had since 1994), over the knee socks, necktie, little fur vest and red lips.

More to come friends, hope you are enjoying this glorious weather.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Kaitlin was dressed to kill yesterday, I had to capture and post it.  I love the many layers and the various textures.  The skirt length (short) and provocative tights gave the subdued color palette just the right amount of sauciness. A warm thanks to Kaitlin for allowing me to photograph her and include her in my newborn baby blog.

A girl can dream

A girl can dream
A girl can dream by finness33 featuring noir jewelry

Clockwise from top left: See by Chloe Leather Messanger, Calypso Romanian Shirt, Noir Jewlery Ratasha Russian Doll Ring, Chanel Pendant Necklace, Vintage Off White Pencil Leg Jeans, Guiseppe Zanotti Gold Leather Sandals

A beautiful spring ensemble...hopefully I can find a few items comparable to these but less costly.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Follow my blog with bloglovin

Follow my blog with bloglovin

Feathers in my hat

How fabulous is this hat? I'm also quite partial to dramatic collars on coats.  A fabu hat + a dramatic collar = a happy redhead.  This coat has pretty much been a main staple for me this winter.  I occasionally bring out one of my lovely vintage babies but they all need some extra lovin and I have had zero motivation to either break out the needle and thread or for new liner fabric and get it to someone who really knows how to sew.  At least it's a great coat.  I bought this "gently used" Mackage coat off eBay and it is so beautifully constructed.  The details make it extraordinary: leather piping, leather buttons and a belt that goes half way around the waist (the back half) to give me more shape.  I'm hoping to add a black Mackage coat to my repertoire too.  As a matter of fact, John recently said something like " you need a new coat to wear, if you keep wearing the same one it's not fabulous anymore."  This from a man who may never have used the word fabulous before in his life! Anyway, I am SOOOO keeping that quote in my back pocket for the justification I'll need for spending OUR money on my next favorite coat.

John insisted I "taste" this Cuban pica-something.  I found it much more useful as a prop than as a smoke.

Hat, blouse, pants and necklace: Anthropologie. Coat: Mackage. Shoes: F21. Bracelets and Ring: F21. 

One more thing....the antique cup and saucer. It's a family heirloom gifted to us from my mother- in-law and we have many more....all different colors and patterns, all beautiful and unique.  The idea just came to me to do a series of outfits inspired by them.  Perhaps that's what I can sink my teeth into after Fashion week.