Thursday, February 10, 2011

Feathers in my hat

How fabulous is this hat? I'm also quite partial to dramatic collars on coats.  A fabu hat + a dramatic collar = a happy redhead.  This coat has pretty much been a main staple for me this winter.  I occasionally bring out one of my lovely vintage babies but they all need some extra lovin and I have had zero motivation to either break out the needle and thread or for new liner fabric and get it to someone who really knows how to sew.  At least it's a great coat.  I bought this "gently used" Mackage coat off eBay and it is so beautifully constructed.  The details make it extraordinary: leather piping, leather buttons and a belt that goes half way around the waist (the back half) to give me more shape.  I'm hoping to add a black Mackage coat to my repertoire too.  As a matter of fact, John recently said something like " you need a new coat to wear, if you keep wearing the same one it's not fabulous anymore."  This from a man who may never have used the word fabulous before in his life! Anyway, I am SOOOO keeping that quote in my back pocket for the justification I'll need for spending OUR money on my next favorite coat.

John insisted I "taste" this Cuban pica-something.  I found it much more useful as a prop than as a smoke.

Hat, blouse, pants and necklace: Anthropologie. Coat: Mackage. Shoes: F21. Bracelets and Ring: F21. 

One more thing....the antique cup and saucer. It's a family heirloom gifted to us from my mother- in-law and we have many more....all different colors and patterns, all beautiful and unique.  The idea just came to me to do a series of outfits inspired by them.  Perhaps that's what I can sink my teeth into after Fashion week.

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