Thursday, February 17, 2011

NY Fashion Week Fall 2011 Part 1

 I saw several of these hats on ond off the runway.  

 Above is a prime example of my limited photographic skills but this was one of the best looks I saw.  I love the colors and originality and appreciate the lack of pretention.

Here were the photos that made it all the way home.  Somehow, more than half of the photos I took were deleted. In addition to that disappointment there were also many that were just plain blury.  It's apparent  the next time I go to fashion week, I must bring a camera I actually know how to operate or my lovely husband/photographer.  I hope for both actually.  Anyhow, seeing everyone dressed to impress had me answering the question: Is it better to be fashionable or to have style? I can, without a doubt, say that style trumps fashionability.  There were so many women who were dressed on trend with their sky high heels and super expensive clothes but those who stood out were those who had original style.....and even fewer are those I'll actually remember. However, their were a few gems who stole my heart not with their wardrobe but with their warm, down to earth personalities.  The coolest girl I met was Stacy Jordan....we had a great little conversation and some hearty laughs together.  She's a wardrobe stylist/costume designer and a very wise soul.  You can find her at, where I stole this photo of her.

Another real woman I met was Vevlyn from Below is not the best photograph (due to my lack of photographic skills of course) but  you can still see her style in the suede skirt (which she's had since 1994), over the knee socks, necktie, little fur vest and red lips.

More to come friends, hope you are enjoying this glorious weather.

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